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Some Reviews of Lyn's Books

  • "This book is written in a wonderful style and I have decided to read other lesbian novels."
  • "This is the first lesbian love story I have read and with stories like this one, I will be reading many more. I went right out and ordered another Lyn Denison book after reading this one - TWICE."
  • "Sophisticated [and] well written, Dream Lover [is] testimony to the ongoing success of the romance genre." - Lesbian Review of Books
  • "Dream Lover is a lovely little story that may reconnect you to your own coming out adventures." - Bay Area Reporter
  • "Drean Lover is well written and lots of fun for those moments when you wish life really was simple, sex really hot, and love uncomplicated and forever." - Screaming Hyena Reviews
  • "If you ever had a young love that went awry, you are sure to enjoy Gold Fever." - MegaScene

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